When you come to visit the largest city of Gujarat situated on the river bank of Sabarmati river the most recommended and exciting place to visit is Kankariya-“International class modern urban space offering best of its kind entertainment”

Kankariya is a place where you can find all kind of activities like – Nature Activities, Leisure Activities and Kids’ Activities. A perfect family place to visit where a person from any age group can enjoy and even it has become a daily visiting place by young Ahmedabad.

Development of the Lake Front

Kankariya lake front is situated in approximately 2.5 km area, been identity of Ahmedabad from around 500 years. This historic place has been renovated by government and now it has become one of the most visited places these days. The historical lake around an island garden has become a daily outing place for the people of Ahmedabad. The lake is also surrounded by Animal Zoo, Fun Park, Amusement Park, Butterfly Park and many more.

The opportunity to develop Lake Front was given to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) and they justified the chance by developing new facilities like mini train, lawn landscape, tree walk, target archery, mini golf, mirror maze, stone mural and food court with charges of Rs.360 million. Hundreds of people daily visit Kankariya and spend quality time.

After this development every year Kankariya Carnival is also organized from 25th to 31st December, where you can see different cultural programs, food counters, fun programs and also beautiful Firework at night.

Attraction of Kankariya Lake Front :-

Nagina Wadi Island Park:

Once Nagina wadi was just a simple place which was never recognized by people and now after development Nagina Wadi is just totally change. Here what exciting thing is musical fountain which is featured with laser shows and colored musical fountains. A place where you can spend a wonderful evening. Nagina Wadi also have speed boat ride, Jet SKI, water balloon ride and many more water sports.


Only Zoo in Ahmedabad is situated in Kankariya premises where you can see almost all the animals. Too many people come every day to visit the Zoo along with their children and have fun.

Amusement Park:

Amusement Park is the newest attraction of Kankariya. Filled with so many exciting rides and food court. Firstly Amusement Park was called as BalVatika but now it is renovated and has more adventurous rides like Roller Coaster, Tora-Tora and many many more by which it has become almost small Imagica. Young Ahmedabad is excitingly visiting this new place and you also might visit it.


For the first time in any amusement park, embark on a two wheel self-balancing vehicle which you have not experienced before. It’s worth an experience for above 4 years children and even youngsters.

Balloon Safari:

India’s first Balloon Safari was inaugurated by Hon Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in Kankariya on 8th September, 2008. Till then this ride is taken by almost 2, 50,000 people. Balloon Safari is drawing a large crowd for Balloon Safari every day. Balloon Safari is mentioned in many TV serials like Tarak Mehta Ka Ultah Chashma, Chidiya Ghar and many traveling channels.

Mini Train:

You can gaze beauty of Kankariya in just 25 minutes by getting ride of Mini Train- “Swarnim Express” and “Atal Express”. People of all age group can enjoy this ride with an economical amount of tickets. It covers all 2.5 km in just a while.



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