Vandha Villas Full Gujarati Movie Download 2018


Vandha Villas [ #vandhavillas ] is a Gujarati SuperHit Comedy Movie Download Online Watch Here. Urban Superhit Comedy Gujarati Movie Vandha Villas Full Download

Fortunately or unfortunately Dhyanchand, Harinanrayan and Lakhudas are cursed by one of their ancestors that the coming six generations will have to marry two times and if they don’t, they will take birth as monkeys in their next lives.

At present these three men’s wives have left them and they share their common misery of loneliness and frustrated un-married life. Each of them desperately want to get married again but the question is who should marry first? which hence causes various internal conflicts amongst them.

Vandha Villas Urban Gujarati Movie Trailer:

Vandha Villas Movie FULL MP3 SONG Download Online

Vandha Villas Movie StarCast:
Haresh Dagia
Swati Dave
Vaishakh Ratanben
Prapti Ajwalia
Rahul Raval
Esha Kansara

Director: Chinmay Parmar
Writer: Krishnadev Yagnik
Producer: Aayush Mehta and Vaishal Shah

Singer: Nakash Aziz
Music: Kedar & Bhargav
Lyrics: Bhargav Purohit
Mixing & Mastering: Tosief Shaikh
Recording engineers: Vatsal Patel (Legato Labz), Pranav Yagnik (Studio Even Harmony), Mani (Studio One)
Rhythms: Rishin Saraiya
Arrangement & Programming: Kedar Upadhyay

Vandha Villas full Gujarati Movie Download Online
Vandha Villas full Gujarati Movie Download Online

Gujarati Super Hit Movie Vandha Villas Review :

Vandha Villas is a fun one-time watch, and entertaining at places. However, it’s best enjoyed with friends, as this comedy is full of double-meaning dialogues. The comic timing does stand out, and it manages to make you laugh at some places. While all the actors have really put in extra efforts to make people laugh, the execution of the concept could have been much better. At 1 hour and 46 minutes, this film is all about laughter, love and vandhas who desperately want to get married. While it’s an interesting plot, the film drags a bit in the beginning.

Gujarati films, at present, need to grab everyone’s attention. The humour in this film, at many places, isn’t in good taste and the content is unlikely to go down well with everyone. It’s probably too early for the industry to start making films for a select audience and an overdose of double-meaning dialogues is unlikely to appeal to everyone. Talking of the positives, the editing and direction are smooth, and the song Dhangachakad Dhinta is a foot-tapping number that is likely to become very popular in the coming days. Actors Rahul Rawail, Esha Kansara, Vaishakh, Prapti Ajwalia have done their roles with a lot of conviction, but they deserved a better story line.

Gujarati Movie Vandha Villas IMDb Ratings : 4 out of 5

Vandha Villas Gujarati Movie Release Date : 18 May 2018

Lyrics of Dhangachakd Dhinta Song from Vandha Villas





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