Reva Full Gujarati Movie Download 2018
Reva Full Gujarati Movie Download 2018

Presenting the only journey worth travelling – the journey within – the Official Movie of REVA. Based on Sahitya Academy Award Winning Novel “Tatvamasi” by Dhruv Bhatt.

A 25-year-old Indian man who is brought up in the U.S. visits an ashram near the Narmada River in Gujarat, India to take his will. During his stay, he meets the locals and tries to understand the culture, customs, traditions, and beliefs of the people, which are starkly different from the place where he was raised. After staying for about 20 days near the ashram, he gets his will but in a twist of fate he comes to know the bitter truth of his existence and he gives up the will and starts his parikrama of the Narmada.

“में नमाजी बनु या शराबी, बंदगी मेरे घर से कहाँ जायेगी।”

REVA Movie Starcast: Chetan Dhanani, M Monal Gajjar, Yateen Karyekar, Dayashankar Pandey, Feroz Bhagat, Rupa Borgaokar, Prashant Barot, Abhinay Banker, Atul Mahale

Produced by: Paresh Vora
Writter, Edited & Directed by: Rahul Bhole & Vinit Kanojia
Co-Writer: Chetan Dhanani
Executive Producer: Vipul Vora
DOP: Suraj Kurade
Music & Background Score: Amar Khandha
Lyrics: Chetan Dhanani & Pankaj Trivedi
Sound Design: Suraj Bardia
Art Director: Shamim Khan
Costume: Reena Thomas
Make up: Brioo Shrivastav
VFX: Rahul Rajput
DI: Pixel D
Associate Director: Nilesh Panchal – Vaibhav Biniwale
Production Managers: Kunal Dhanani – Ravi Bhoi
Publicity Design: Nirav Khant
Making & Additional Photography: Tapan Parikh
Digital Marketing: Blow Horn Media
Music on: Red Ribbon Musik

REVA Gujarati Movie Release Date : 6th April 2018

REVA Gujarati Movie Poster:


REVA Gujarati Movie Review :

Bhadresh on BookMyShow : 5 out of 5

આ ફિલ્મમાં નર્મદાતટે રહેનારાં – રહેલાં ગ્રામજનો, મંદિર-નિવાસીઓ, આશ્રમવાસીઓ પાસેથી સાંભળેલી વાતો અને થોડા તટભ્રમણ દરમિયાન મળેલી વાતોનો, કલ્પના ઉપરાંત સમાવેશ કર્યો છે.

Hardik on BookMyShow : 5 out of 5
‘Reva’ is a milestone for Gujarati Cinema! A visual and musical treat of Narmada River!
I am speechless! it’s the great movie to be watched by all Gujaratis. It’s the proud moment for us to have a fantabulous Film gifted by Directors! Great music, Great story (based on the novel of Dhruv Bhatt- Tatvamasi’), Direction, cinematography and performances! Go and get the experience of being ‘REVAMAY’. MUST WATCH FOR ALL RELIGIOUS HEADS, GURUS, FOLLOWERS, BELIEVERS AND INDIANS! From Starting to end you will feel the part of journey of protagonist. NICELY SHOWN OUR INDIAN CULTURE AND ITS BELIEVES. GO NOW!
REVA Gujarati Movie Download Link : Click Here


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