Ratanpur Full Gujarati Movie Download 2018 Watch Online
Ratanpur Full Gujarati Movie Download

Latest Ratanpur Urban Gujarati Thriller Full Movie Download Watch Online Here :

Tushar Sadhu’s Movie.
Ratanpur Movie Cast: Tushar Sadhu, Haresh Dagia, Vishal Vaishya, Jay Pandya, Jimmy Nanda, Jigar Bundela, Nirmit Vishnav, Uday Dangar, Sunil Vaghela, Priyanka Tiwari, Shivani Bhatt

Directed by: Vipul Sharma
Produced by: MS Jolly
CoProduced by: Yogesh Pareek
Production company: Prolife Entertainment and Production Pvt. Ltd

Releasing on 16th March 2018

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Ratanpur Movie Review by Jay Vasavada

ratanpur gujarati movie review by jay vasavada
ratanpur gujarati movie review by jay vasavada

Review by Vimal Dagli on Facebook : 5 out of 5
Ratanpur one of the good suspense movie in recent time of Gujarati film industry,upto last minute you cant guess who is the murderer.

Unexplored Gujarat Locations of the film were shown,kudos to production team. Story keeps you tight till the end. Background score is very good.

Review by Arun Sehgal on Facebook : 5 out of 5
A movie that is about to set a new trend in regional Gujarati movie making industry. A must watch for those looking for something new. A suspense thriller that keeps you guessing right till the last frame. A film that has a crisp script. A group of actors whose theatrics keep setting new standards with every new frame. A Gujarati movie that will create Kundan and Veera as characters a la Gabbar of Sholay style who will be remembered for a very long time. An entertainment thriller that keeps you at the edge of your seat while you forget to sip your coffee. Music and the melodious song by Sunidhi that wakes you up the next day morning from your sleep and grows on you with every day passing. Most importantly a movie that has been so responsibly made by Profile Entertainment that will build the morale of Gujarat Police in a way that no Gujarati movie has ever done in the past.

Facebook Page Link : www.facebook.com/ratanpurthefilm

Ratanpur Full Gujarati Movie Download 2018


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