Music is a biggest part of our life, sometimes when you feel lonely or confused music is the only thing which makes you comfortable and somehow music has become life of young generation. Not only Bollywood or Hollywood music once take a glance at our Gujarati music also.

Gujarat is famous for Food and Garba and now day this is famous for movies and music. Music is the most important part of movie. it defines the movies and some time movies runs in cinema for good music, there are many romantic musical hits in Gujarati like Tanariri,Maa Baap, Santu Rangili, Meru Malan, Chello Divas and many more.

Gujarati movie industry is getting wider and popular so why its music should stay on back side. Have you ever heard a typical Romantic Gujarati song? Gujarati music industry has much more beautiful compositions which have been neglected.

We are sharing the list of some great romantic gujarati numbers there are huge numbers of songs in Gujarati Movies,so we are sharing few greatest Romantic Gujarati Songs, We are also including some romantic songs from non filmy albums and some musical songs from old movies.

List of Romantic Gujarati Songs :

  • Ke Odhni Odhu Odhu Ne Udi Jaay – Meru Malan 
  • Farva Aavje Chora Nadikinare – Daldu Didhu Main Kaartak Na Mela Maan
  • Ghammar Ghammar Maru Valonu Gaaje – Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya
  • Mann Gamtu – Daav Thai Gayo Yaar
  • Mara Manada Na Meet – Pardeshi Bhego Aaije
  • Nayan Ne Bandh Rakhi Ne – Aagman
  • Sayba Mora – Sayba Mora
  • Kehvu Ghanu Ghanu Che – Chhello Divas
  • Pehla Prem Ni Pehli Ek Nazar – Rj Dhvanit 

Hope , You will like the list gujarati romantic songs we are not providing mp3 download links of these songs you can listen them on youtube,saavn or any music app for free.

Gujarati-Romantic-SongsDo you know more of such gujarati romantic songs ?  Share them in the comment section



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