“Happy Father’s Day”

What a father does for his children is not countable, he sacrifice his facilities, his dreams and always thinks about his children first. He might be little bit strict but we can say that he is like a coconut, which is strong from outside but truly soft hearten from inside.

A mother cries and shows her feelings but a father even can’t do so, being the head of the family he has too much of responsibilities he has no time to worry about small things and he always have to be strong and handle the family. In every difficult situation we always see a man smiling is no one but our father.

A daughter has always been her father’s favorite, till the day she lives with him he treats her like a princess. But the strongest man of the world cries on the day when her princess leaves her after marriage. This is the softness and purity of his heart which he hides whole life but comes out on this special day.

How nicely father treats his daughter nicely he has sharpen eyes on his son, he will never pamper the boy and always be strict about his carrier but his love is same for the both but to make the boy stronger he will not show it to the son.

A mother is caring and always is soft to her children but father is combination of both soft heart and a strict instructor. We need both in our life equally.

21st century’s fathers have become cool and supportive “DAD”.

Funny moments of father with his child:




A funny and cool father is like blessing to new generation, they do not scold, they do not force to study, they are not always strict but they are now partners in crime.






 Lots of love, love and love to the great, great and great hero- “ Father”


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