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Two companions begin a nourishment conveyance business in the wake of stopping their well-paying IT employments. Their common voyage as youthful business visionaries dealing with a start-up comes at the expense of individual forfeits, and will test their strength. Will they succeed ?

Dhunaki Gujarati Film Full Download Watch Online Torrent

Dhunaki is yet another example of bold and innovative initiative in terms of storyline in Gujarati Silver screens. Entirely different concept in contemporary Gujarati Cinema. Kudos to visionary Producers ( Kuldip,Jay, Anish) and director (Anish). Lead Actors Pratik, Diksha, Vishal and Kaushambi really poured their essential talents into their respective characters. Storyline and dialogues are ‘true to life’ !!! Screenplay needs substantial improvement..and so does the camera work . Background music is piecemeal.. needs comprehensive and relative to dialogues on screen.

Due to that you may feel some ’emptyness’ in narration. Siddharth and Niren did a nice job in composition of music. Special mention to Pratik Gandhi – who really reminds us of The great Rajendrakumar of Hindi cine world.. calm, composed and characterised …

Diksha Joshi also stands out with expressive eyes and deep diving into her character. All in all, being a Gujarati and a movie lover , it is a must watch and worth your money spending on ticket..5 stars 🌟

Dhunaki Gujarati Film Review : 5 out of 5

નવા જમાનાનાં ધૂની છોકરાની નવી નજર, નવી વાત અને અખૂટ લગન સાથે એક સનેપાતનું પરિણામ એટલે અનીષ શાહની ફિલ્લમ ધૂનકી.

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One last comment :બધા ડોકટર આવા નથી હોતા 😊😊. જવાબ મેળવવા માટે મૂવી જુઓ !!!

Dhunaki Gujarati Movie Cast : Pratik Gandhi & Deeksha Joshi.

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Dhunaki Gujarati Film Full Download Watch Online Free HD 1080p
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