Chhello Divas Full Gujarati Movie Download
Chhello Divas Full Gujarati Movie Download

The Chhello Divas Movie revolves around the lives of eight friends, showcasing their journey of growing up, highs and lows of their relationship, love and compassion, end of college days and beginning of a new life.

Chhello Divas Star Cast:
Yash Soni | Malhar Thakar | Janki Bodiwala | Mitra Gadhvi | Kinjal Rajpriya | Aarjav Trivedi | Rahul Raval | Netri Trivedi | Mayur Chauhan | Prapti Ajwalia | Prashant Barot | Jitendra Thakkar

Written & Directed by: Krishnadev Yagnik
Presented by: Belvedere Films

Genre: Comedy

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Chhello Divas Movie Review

IF YOU ARE GUJARATI… Why to waste money behind nonsense Bollywood movies?

For past few years there have been few Gujarati movies which has changed the way Gujarati movies were for almost a decade (or I guess always).

All my childhood Gujarati movies were mostly based on famous Gujarati novels or Mythologies.

Then came this era where people were going to see the stars instead the story. And during this era the viewers viewed only boring movies (mostly).

But the after the “Kevi Rite Jais” movie, I thing the Gujarati cinema took a turn (towards the good).

Seen the movie “Be Yaar” and “Gujjubhai” recently. And, I think, this one is even better.

Don’t take your kids with you because the comedy is for adults mostly. But, a must watch movie if:

you like comedies

you are Gujarati

and, you are already bored with Bollywood comedies

Just go and watch this.

My money was not wasted. Excellent.

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I am very happy with this movie. I think this movie will change craze and thinking of negative people. Chappad Fatake Movie directed by all team hard work. I appreciate to all team of movie maker and I am specially big fan of janki bodiwala wow what a beauty and what a entry in this film and bit all dialog and each scene like very funny and contact performed comedy role. that is oh my god. First time ever I laughed very much very freedom without hesitate with my wife in cinema and I spend movie ticket without think what is ticket price because I don’t know why i spend but I was thinking we need to grow up our Gujarati movie craze in the next generation I hope keep it up in future like this movie more more more ………. Generally we spend waste money and waste time for Bollywood and Hollywood movies. If People thinking change in new direction differently will ahead one step. Bollywood and Tollywood should be jealous our movies. Now enough we bore same story, love story, mixing confusion movie in bollywood. Chhelo Divas Strongly recommended to all Gujarati-an go to watch. You will say that’s movie original comedy this is not copy.

Climax such a touch in our heart that is necessary you never miss college days

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