A full movie is made to show how a girlfriend maltreats their boyfriend but Gujju Girls have some special quality to do so and make their boyfriend to yell “MAGAJ NI NAS NA KHECHIS”.

  • Not to mention, even everything is going according to them they will always use this dialogue just  to emotionally blackmail their boy. It works like last weapon to make the boy do what they want.

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  • First they will change you and when there is nothing left to argue on then this comes ,on which every boy puts down their side and say sorry as usual.

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  • A Gujju Girl has keen eye on her boyfriend’s last seen, even though he is just online for five minutes she will act like its gone a year and always think that he is chatting with a girl. It is a by default rule for a boy just to talk with his girlfriend whenever he is online. And if not so and whenever he will message her then”ja jaine mndyo re ne peli sathe jeni sathe klak thi mndyo 6”.

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  • Not only a girl’s best friend but also a boy’s best friend is a girl’s permanent enemy . she will always feel complex about him or her.

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  • It is in the blood of every girl to overestimate herself and think that she has every sacrifice in a relationship is done by her and boys have no feelings…but sometimes I think it is true.

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  • Even though she will not think for any other boy she will use this dialogue just to tease him bcz boys are kind of jekos.

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  • Wonderful “Chello Divas ” dialogue “te mara mate coffee kem mangavi??” it stands that even the boy die for girl she will always blame him for everything.

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  • Comparing is like by born nature of a girl,just like clothes and make up they will compare their boy friend qualities…”taro boyfriend to ketlo saro 6 tari bdhi vat mane che ne ek maro jo … mara to nasib j futi gya che”. If her will not do the same as her best friends boyfriend has done than it is like”beta tu to aaje gyo”.

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  • They have different “farmaish” but they always want her boyfriend to leave all his work and spend time with her…are bicharo pachi kre su???

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  • It is fair when a girl clicks a picture with her male friend but if the boy do so then he is just gone… a girl will see “chudail” in her boyfriend’s female friend.

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  • How hard the boyfriend tries but he will never be able to satisfy his girlfriend..she has dreamed for a boyfriend like “Ranbir Kapoor” and always wants her boyfriend to be like him.

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  • A Gujju girl is fond visiting new places and always wants her boyfriend to let her visit different places and always willing to meet him but there is also a condition for the boy to meet her at her place and on her time.

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